Contest of Wills - Part 03

Downtown, District-73
The Hon Family Compound
28-11-2298. 1905L

It was one of those rarest of events when the majority of the family could sit down together for a meal and which was perhaps just as well given that such events tended to provide an opportunity for members to dig up long buried topics to start fights over trivial matters best forgotten.

All the warning signs were there if one only bothered to look for them.

Her Aunts Yu and Juon long time rivals had already seated their favored sons beside them at the table already starting the nightly ritual of methodical grooming of the two boys. Which more often enough than not signaled a evening of her two Aunts trying to out do the other in a contest of 'My son is better than yours' events. A contest that thankfully Twix's family was excluded from given that hers consisted of only daughters.

And then there was her Uncle Long, her fathers eldest brother and self proclaimed family head, who had already started drinking before the start of the evenings meal no doubt intent upon dragging up a long standing dispute between him and her father.

In this case her fathers stubborn refusal to break Twix's arranged marriage contract with Ming that would cemented a long standing pact between the Hon and Li families for another generation.

Uncle Long however had other plans and having no daughters of his own saw Twix as the most likely candidate in his long term plans to secure a more beneficial arrangement with one of his business partners within the company.

Twix's younger sister was only spared their Uncle Long's constant meddling and harassment by virtue of the fact that it was their Grandfather had secured an arrangement shortly after Twix's with a longtime family friend within the LIG corporation itself. An arrangement which even Uncle Long didn't have the balls to risk insulting the family in question.

She had not even finished putting the first spoonful of soup in her mouth when her Uncle fired the first volley of the evening.

" So niece ... " His voice sounding his contempt as he returned his half empty glass to its place beside his plate. " How is that wife to be of yours. In good health we hope ?"

Twix could only smile nodding politely ignoring the not so subtle attempt at insult. " Yes Uncle, Mings in very good health."

Uncle Long frowned his annoyance at her speaking Ming's name aloud at the table.

" Good ... good... Honestly I cannot for the life of me grasp how you continue to endure her and her whims."

" There is nothing to endure Uncle, we are a good match." Twix spoke continuing to smile in an oblivious fashion she had long ago perfected for these exchange's that she and her Uncle had been playing at going back for as long as she could remember.

Uncle Long knew he wasn't making headway in the debate but stubbornness was a well known Hon family trait.

" Still you must admit there are better matches to be had." Uncle Kong's voice shifted from simply speaking to her to speaking to the gathered family members seeking allies to support his position." I myself was just speaking our close friend Administrator Yung who has a most pleasant and handsome son not 8 years your senior who I must say would make an ideal match in my opinion."

" For you perhaps Uncle ... " Twix couldn't help tease him. " But I am spoken for and would not seek to dishonor my father by seeking another arrangement when he has chosen so carefully for me."

Uncle Kong's face grew bright red as he picked up his glass and finished its contents. Signaling that for her at least the match was over but the fight was far from finished as it was her Father who would be forced to deal with Uncle Long's drunken and less than civil tongue later that evening.


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