Crashing at Ming's - Part 01

Downtown, District-73
The Li Family Residence
28-11-2298. 2100L

Thankfully her Father and Uncle had somehow managed to delay their pending argument until after dinner had finally concluded. The two of them squaring off in the kitchen just before the war of words began in ernest. Twix having endured enough of these to realize that it was better for her to disappear for the night rather than chance getting dragged into it later in the evening.

In the end she had been forced to settle on keeping it simple with an overnight bag and sneaking out of the compound via the back secure services lift. Forced to push the Diva out on the workroom and down to the back row of the compound before taking the lift down to street level.

Twenty minutes later she was on the road.


The door opened unexpectedly after Twix had pressed the buzzer 2 off 3 times before Twix found herself staring at the chest of a large man in a Dark Blue Enforcer uniform with a not so happy expression on his face staring down at her.

" Evening Enforcer Li. "

Kings fathers frown only deep end as he looked her up and down before yelling back over his shoulder. "Ming !"

Ming appeared in short order wearing something even less substantial than usual if it was possible. In this instance Her evenings attire consisting of a powder blue sports bra and matching leggings.

" Thanks Daddy… " Ming announce maneuvering around the giant of a man before arriving at the door. " Fight night huh ?"

" Fight night." Twix found herself agreeing.

Ming's Father only shrugged. " So I take it that she'll be spending the night ? "

Ming only offered a puppy dog look and exaggerated pout offering a soft purr as she spoke. " If its okay with you Daddy ? " She spoke at just above whispered hooking her painted nail on her lower lip.

Ming's father rolled his eyes and groaned his annoyance." Honestly Ming, do you have to sound like that? "

" Sound like what Daddy ? " Ming teased.

Mings father shook his head but said nothing. " Listen, I've got the graveyard shift tonight, try not giving your mother a hard time. "

Ming's father was out the door before an answer could be given. The heavy security door closing behind him.

" Busy Night ? " Twix asked leading her back against the wall.

Ming leaning against the oposite wall shrugging her shoulders offering a knowing smirk. " No, why you got something in mind ?"

Twix shrugged. " Wanna Fuck ? "

Ming made a face like she was thinking for a moment before she shrugged. " Sure, Why not."


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