Crashing at Ming's - Part 02

Downtown, District-73
The Li Family Residence
28-11-2298. 2150L

"Damn… " Twix moaned softly pushing her fingers through her hair as she breathed deeply enjoying the afterglow.

As far as Twix was concerned Ming was the best of both worlds when it came to doing the deed. Soft and cuddly when that's what was needed or rough and tumble when Twix was in the mood.

Ming lay with her head on Twix's stomach smoking a death stick smirked as she offered an upwards glance. " It wasn't terrible."

" It wasn't terrible she says." Twix laughed as her gaze drifted about the room.

For your standard single family unit bedroom Ming's room was a marvel in its use of illusionary space.

The fairy princess bed chamber as Twix had come to call it looked nothing like a chamber at all. The rooms four walls covered in Living Motion wallpaper depicting a misty twilight forest setting with fairy lights and willow wisps moving among the tree's. Ming's bed a four post affair adored with flowing gossamer in ivory white and clover green curtains and set at rooms center overflowing with stuffed animals and pillows. The ceiling made up to look like the canopy of some medieval pavilion to complete the look.

Ming even having her own collection of doll sized artificial pixies that darted back and forth attending to this task or that.

It always took a moment for Twix to grasp the illusionary aspects of the room and realize that it really was only a regular sized bedroom. The main entrance a wooden frame covered in flowering vines and holly the bathroom hidden behind a magic mirror that was seemingly floating in midair. Ming's Closet and workspace hidden behind its twin on the opposite side.

Thankfully the bathroom and workspace were spared the fairytale treatment.Though it was in the workspace you came to realize how obsessively neat Ming was given that one side of the storage space was a wall of storage containers filled with clothes stacked from floor to ceiling each marked and color coded in a system that even Twix could not hope to decode.

Exhaling a cloud of rainbow colored vapors Ming offered another upwards glance. " So, Thursday night than ? "

Twix nodded collecting the death stick from Ming's fingers and bring it to her lips. " Three days to go Kitten."


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