The Pipeline Part 01

The Pipeline
Undercity, The Industrial Works
31-11-2298. 2350L

The party was already in full swing as the racers guided their machines down ramp to their assigned start positions. Twix following suit letting the Diva glide into place at the starting line along with the others.

Ming slipping off the back of the bike paused just long enough to adjust the line of her skirt as she scanned the gathering crowd shaking her head in disbelief. "Holy Shit..." she sounded off in mild amusement noteing how rowdy the crowd was becoming even before the evenings entertainment had even began. An assortment of whistles and catcalls errupting from the crowd followed by a series of mock wolf-like howls clearly aimed in her general direction.

" And they wonder why there are so few female racers." Ming smirked offering Twix an quick glance.

Twix nodding her understanding knowing well enough that the Underground events tended to attract the worst sorts and things would only get worse as the evening progressed or until City Security arrived on the scene to break things up.

" Rabid dogs, each and every fucking one of them." Ming noted aloud in disgust.

Twix again nodded her agreement as she dismount and keyed the Diva to assume the distinct black on black camouflage pattern. Someone in the crowd recognizing the bike than starting to scream her name … or rather the nickname she'd picked up from her first night trails.

" Oh look, your loyal fans." Ming smirked waving to the crowd prompting even more screams and catcalls.

Screams errupted from the crowd as the towering image of Glimmer Jones in a dramatic pose appeared over the gathered crowd of onlookers.

"Are you bitches ready !" His voice sounded as music filled the air around them heralding the official start of the evenings entertainment.


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