The Pipeline Part 02

The Pipeline
Undercity, The Industrial Works
01-12-2298. 0008L


" Keep Calm and Kill every Motherfucker that gets in your Way!"


They called it 'The Pipeline' but in reality it was just one of the old venting lines that once channelled the superheated exhaust from the cities ancient supermassive fusion reactors that lay dormant in the depths of the undercity.

The race itself was plotted as a 240km speed and endurance course that ran from just below city center to the lunar surface about 100 klicks north of the city.

From there an additional 20 klicks on the exposed surface out to the Seti antenna arrays and than back again.

The cash prizes were awarded the top 3 fastest racers per run with the largest payout awarded to the Racer with the fastest overall time so kills weren't common but than again not unheard of either.

That said it wasn't the racers that you really had to worry about with this run it was the Lurkers that lived in the tunnels themselves and the thrice damned scavengers that tended to lay out traps or ambush the racers on the surface stretch to and from the antenna array.

" How are feeling baby?" Ming inquired resting her hands on Twix shoulders as she ran through a last minute systems check while she scoped out the thirty or so other racers she was going to be running against this race.

Twix could only frown. " It looks like its all guys so that's gonna paint a big ass target on my backside for the whole run and add to that I don't know anyone." She hissed sharply.

Ming nodded " Fuck these apes baby. If you don't know them, they aren't worth knowing. That said if you need to focus on something ask yourself which of these rides you like the best. Those are the boys your gonna need to keep on eye on."

Twix nodded scanning the machines nodding her approval. " That Foster-S3 rebuild looks really nice and that Seiko-Aura 6 looks pretty sweet but both these boys are sporting crews so they didn't build their rides so either thier sponsored or they have money to spend."

"5 minutes" A woman's voice sounded over the crowd.

Ming moved quickly kissing Twix full on the mouth biting softly on her lower lip before sighing and drawing away. "For Luck."

Twix enjoyed the sensation a brief moment before she offered a hint of a smile shaking her head. " I don't need luck, just need to know you'll be waiting for me at the finish line."

Ming offered one her goofy smiles nodding. " Always and..."

" … Forever." Twix finished.

"1 Minute Racers, Non-racers clear the course." The woman's voice sounded the warning over the crowd.

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