The Rush - Part 03

West End
The Strip, District-5
16-11-2298. 0008L

The food was already at the table when she returned. Ming in the process of faking a touch up to her make-up holding her compact loosely in hand as she studied the stalker across the way as best she was able to given how dark it was outside.

" Is it that pig from earlier ?" Twix thought to ask as she took her seat.

Ming shrugged. " I can't tell but it is a District 9 cruiser so unless we have two Enforcers moonlighting as stalkers its gotta be him. Still he's outside his normal jurisdiction so its a little suspect."

Twix nodded, not that she really understood what Ming was refering to but Ming's father was an Enforcer so she had grown up dealing with Sector police and City Security types her whole life and knew more about how things worked than Twix could ever hope too.

" And the guy from earlier, did you know him ?"

Ming shook her head. " My Dad's assigned to Enforcement Division in District 12. All I can tell you is that he says that District 9 is the ass end of assignments and that only the worst of the worst pull assignments there. What about you, do you know him ?"

" I don't know him personnally but I've seen him around campus before. Your not the first body he's tried to chat-up and there's talk … stories mostly about girls disappearing and such."

Twix frowned. " I saw the pig eyeing you this afternoon and …."

Twix couldn't find the words. Sure they could complain and all that but you learn early on that complaints never do any good. Take that prick Coach Ryans, the fucker had been all but raping the girls on his teams going back as far as she could recall and had God knows how many formal complaints filed against the prick and the fucker was still working at the University and still coaching the girls teams.

" I don't know …" Twix said finally feeling defeated. " But if he touches you, Enforcer or not, I'll fucking kill him."

Ming smiled nodded her understand. " I know you would babe, I know you would."


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