The beginning..

It has been quite a warm spring in China this year. Especially during last weeks, when the temperature has raised until 25 degrees (something almost unthinkable in that small southern city called Xiamen).
Ying has attended several school trips across the region and met lots of new friends from different towns.
Lia, his mom, has always been worried about her leaving home alone without her or his husband's (Li) supervision. But as Ying has become older, Lia is supposed to leave her alone for some time.

On her last trip, he visited an old farm owned by a most older man, who used to have hundreds of animals between cows, bulls, sheep, ... but now only has a couple of dozens.

The farmer told the kids that some of the animals have been suffering some strange disease lately, and most of them died unexpectedly. What nobody knows is that Ying had been playing with a little lamb... and he was bitten.

A few days before leaving on vacation to Europe, Ying started having a small but continuous fever, which was noticed by her parents. But as long as Lia, his mom, is a family doctor, all the analysis performed on her daughter were irrelevant.

So... they decided to leave anyway, just carrying some medicaments with them.
That was, maybe, the worst decision taken for a human being in the last.... ever.

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