Lt. Andrews was looking forward to his first leave which was the first time being in Europe on his own. Like most enlisted solders, he took a cargo plane. It landed near the main Airport.
He got on the bus that was heading into the center of the city. Every thing looked fine except an Oriental family. The father looked worried & the youngest daughter had a strange and continuous cough. Seeing that the family was up front, Derreck decided to sit in the back with his duffle bag taking the other seat.
Just when the bus got to the center of the, everything went to Hell. The passengers started to growl, the Bus Driver screamed in pain, and the Bus crashed into a parked car.
Derreck was about to use the rear exit, when two of the passengers noticed him. Seeing the threat, he took his duffle bag and pushed the zombie into the other one.
Then he quichly exit and slam the door behind him. Unfortunately the other Zombies who got out the front door heard him. Hearing their growls, he took off for the Hilton.
He ran through the front doors, shouting; " RUN!!! " Hearing the Zombies behind him he took the stairs. He dropped his duffle bag to block the door. Tahing a deep breath, he took his cell phone out. When he saw that it was fuuy charged, he smiled and quickly head up the stairs.

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