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Summary: Stay calm, everything will be okay.

Hannah Black

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Scavenger

Physical Appearance

5’6, blue eyes, and blonde. Hannah has held on to the cute country girl look. In spite of her ability to look feminine Hannah is most comfortable in pants and cute shirts. Hannah had a particularly bright easy smile along with a pleasing hourglass figure Hannah never really takes advantage of.


MIT Student \ NSA Intern


Computers, Programming and Robotics. Hannah is also a skilled game hunter her choice of weapon being the crossbow.


Wallet, phone, laptop, and luggage


Hannah is a quiet and introverted person encompassing that classic geeky tom girl. Just a geeky tom girl who knows how to do up her hair and makeup! Even so she is a bright, driven country girl who does not want to live her life on her family farm. She has greater aspirations than what she perceives as the dreary life of a Midwestern farmer.


Hannah grew up on a large farm in Kansas and was the younger sibling. Hannah and Deakin grew up very close and while they had many things in common they pair still had some major differences.

Hannah developed a fear of heights after getting stuck at the top of a tree as a child. Her brother Deakin had to climbs up and rescues her.

Growing up she and brother shared a love of crossbows, while she wasn’t big on hunting like her brother and father she developed a love for sharpshooting. Still, she spent a lot of time in the woods with her brother and father. Hanna intellect becomes more evident and she starts skipping grades it’s eventually decided that she should be homeschooled to help foster her intelligence.

Hannah found a love in mechanical engineering (which started as helping repair the farm equipment) and computers (It’s Kansas there isn’t much to do!). Hannah earns a full ride to go to MIT and she and Deakin drive there seeing the sites along the way.

Hana works hard combining her mechanical and computer skills creating a prototype for 3d memory and advance computer systems for her final project. With many job opportunities, she is approached by the government to work for them during the summer with the promise for full funding for her out future projects. Hana spent the next three months getting her TS, she is thrilled to be one of the few working on cutting edge technology for the NSA.

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Image of Hannah Black
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