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Summary: Died protecting his sister during the first horde wave on the road ...

Jules Ricard

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Graveyard

Physical Appearance

He's 5'10" and buffed out for his sport. His hair is brown as are his eyes.

Gemma & Jules are fraternal twins; clearly siblings of comparable age, but not so closely resembling one another to be readily identified as twins.


Minor League Ball Player (Hudson Valley Renegades)


He can swing a stick.
He can shine a light on stuff.
He can put himself and sister before all others.


Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher Unbreakable Baseball Bat (it's actually made of polypropylene)

Protein bars

Tactical flashlight


Jules tends to brood and keep his thoughts to himself. He relies more on his physicality than his intellect. It would almost be fair to say that he peaked early in life and has been riding the slow wave of mediocrity ever since.

Like most brothers, he is protective of his sister and while they make light of her visual impairment between themselves, he doesn't like to hear it from others. He particularly disapproves of people who stare.

He is an ass and an ass man.


Jules was born quite healthy and has enjoyed an active lifestyle. Indeed the only times he slowed down were when he was watching over his sister or during his studies.

He was scouted out of UCLA and moved to New York to play minor league baseball. He may or may not have had some experience with steroids. Visits home became less frequent and Gemma didn't do well traveling alone so he saw her less often as well. Somewhere along the way, he and his twin sister grew apart.

None of his relationships worked out for long so he quickly settled for flings with slutty cleat chasers and stopped looking for anything serious. During a long over do visit with his sister, he was going to announce his retirement from baseball and plans to move back to the west coast. But the world started falling to shit before all that.

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Image of Jules Ricard
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