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Summary: He just wants to get back to his family.

Andrew William Smith

Gender: M

Age: 25

Group: Fighters

Physical Appearance

6' tall & barrel chested
Brown hair - crew cut
Blue Eyes
Scar across right side of face
No tattoos


Security guard @ large retail outlet
Was a professional football player until a leg injury


He knows how to handle small arms (handguns) and is a decent shot.
martial arts( brown belt)
motorcycle riding


Magnum hand gun - bullets x20
Flash light
Camping Backpack (mostly empty)
Water purifying bottle
Harley Davidson cycle with gas container


serious, intense, low speaker


Andrew was a CB at USC. He graduated with a degree in PE. He got his scar at a bar fight his freshman year. He married his school sweetheart shortly after graduation. Nine months later they had a son. He was a hard worker for the Giants, which got him a good second contract. That worked out until he tried to tackle a 300 lb. running back. Between ins.. investments, and his contract he could afford to retire. But he got bored. He started martial arts to keep his leg in shape. Finding that it was hard to get a job with his major, he got a job working Security at Costco.

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Image of Andrew William Smith
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