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Summary: Died via zombie bite from her sister ...

Sophie-Marie Nalley

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Graveyard

Physical Appearance

5'7'' thin build, oval face, curly dark hair that falls to her waist, brown eyes and beauty marks dotting skin.
She speaks with a deep, stern voice




Medical attention
Comforting nature


A clothing duffel shared with her sister, phone, lip balm, a basic small first aid kit she feels obligated to bring everywhere "just in case"


Sophie is a neat-freak who likes things done a certain way. This can lead to her sounding bossy and acting swift when it comes to urgent matters, but urgent matters have been the staple of her career. Any other time she is collected and serious but has gained a little snark and sass from her younger sister. On the bright side she is selfless, responsible, and persistent in everything she does. Some might call her uptight. Some, other things.
Sophie wants to fight for the greater good of helping others. A giver not a taker, a shoulder to cry on. Though, in the grave reality of things to come, she will have to accept that she can't save everyone, and not everyone wants to be saved.
She is used to seeing some gruesome messes after nearly a decade on the job and in New York state you see it all.

Her and her sister Vida share an unbreakable bond. Sophie is afraid of the dark.


Sophie Nalley grew up not far from Westchester, NY and was in a relatively happy home with a nice mother and a wheelchair-bound father who was diagnosed with MS and lost his mobility not long after her 10th birthday. They had a nurse caring for him daily as things declined. Their mother left for unknown reasons which tore a rift in the youngest, Vida, and Sophie was there to console her. In that time their immeasurable bond formed. Despite that, Vida became less dependent on her sister as she pursued what felt right and Sophie did not hold her back. They live together in the same house they grew up in because they won't risk parting ways. When Sophie was old enough she began studying anatomy and health sciences, was fascinated by helping her father, and fascinated medical TV dramas. She later went on to become an EMT-Paramedic and spent time learning from the nurse on how to assist her father better. She fell in love with her paramedic job despite the less lovely bits.
The two had to rush to Westchester Medical Center so their father could get emergency treatment as his vision and verbal communication had begun to fail right when he was improving.

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Image of Sophie-Marie Nalley
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