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Summary: Died via zombie bite trying to get back to her ...

Vida Nalley

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Graveyard

Physical Appearance

5'9'' with a slim-muscular build, diamond face shape, brown eyes and short black braids, a silver watch


Amateur MMA fighter
Part time coffee shop barista


Strategic hand to hand...or kicking, punching, and holding with a little more brainpower
Can make a mean latte


A clothing duffel shared with her sister, phone, new hand wraps, watch, two books, usually anxiety meds when she doesn't forget them. Her brown jacket was a gift from her sister for the first match she'd won.


Vida is protective of the things she cares about to the point of severe anxiety. She is unafraid of acting courageously, whether it is defending someone or speaking her mind. She has little shame. Her sister Sophie is partial to order and thinking things through clearly, but Vida's preferences aren't quite on par. You do what needs to be done. She isn't skilled with teamwork and prefers her independent time or just being with Sophie, which, paired up with her risk-taking nature can make her come off as rash and uncooperative. Reading to pass the time helps block others out.
Often jealous of her sister's big heart and kind nature. Luckily, she has some humor to her when not thinking the worst.

Vida is afraid of being separated from Sophie for long periods of time, but overall getting attached to things in fear of losing them. In mentality she is weaker than Sophie, being accustomed to bloody noses but not so much death.

That just might have to change.


Vida Nalley had grown up in the love and mentoring of her mother. But In her elementary school days after mom left, Vida gained severe separation anxiety because she could always lean on her mother for support and safety, and instead found this in her sister to cope. She went to counseling until joining the girl's wrestling team her freshman year and ended the appointments as they seemed to curb the feeling.

This sprouted into a love for strategic combat and launched her amateur MMA career, and she was finally gaining some traction in the media, until one low-blow to her arm and it was injury, surgery and recovery for her. Recently, Vida hasn't been able to train as heavily and is starting up her comeback season in Atlantic City, though her game will never be quite as strong as before.

When practicing and competing those panicked thoughts slipped away and she felt as if the only two people in the world were her and her opponent. It also proved to her that she could defend herself and not have to rely on her family. To this day, however, she still fears the idea of not knowing where her sister is, the impending idea that something bad will always happen, or never knowing if they will see each other again. As many trips as she takes and hours Sophie spends at work, she knows they're going to return home again. But as the world shifts, that might become a less promising thought.

They are in a hotel while their disabled father gets urgent treatment at the Westchester Medical Center.

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Image of Vida Nalley
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