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Summary: A typical 13 year old. A little entitled, a little rude, but well-intentioned.

Bobby Brennan

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Gender: Male

Age: 13

Group: Keeper

Physical Appearance

A stocky kid with a round face, curly ginger hair and a dense mass of freckles. Wears a marine blue Ralph Lauren poloshirt and pants that are both slightly too wide and slightly too short.


High school student


He's good at surfing the internet, playing violent video games, and cursing. He also has a fascination with astronomy, dinosaurs and conspiracy theories, though he doesn't believe in any of the latter.


He has a small Eastpak backpack, containing his phone, an eReader, a notepad and pen half-filled with doodles, and a steel Dopper waterbottle. He also has a wallet with about $200, which his parents had left him in case he had wanted


Bobby is an inquisitive and assertive kid, but he can be quite rude and likes to flaunt his book smarts. His parents were high upper middle class, and it left him with some sense of entitlement, so he tends to complain a lot. Nevertheless, he's got a good heart and won't hesitate to help if prompted.


Bobby is not from the US; he is born and bred Irish, from the Earlscourt neighbourhood of Waterford. He is only in the hotel because it's quite close to his aunt and uncle's apartment, and his parents had dragged him along for a visit. The morning of the third day of their holiday, mom and dad asked if he wanted to come along on an errant to the bank, but Bobby declined. Mom and dad were cool enough to agree to leave him in the hotel for a bit, where he'd be safe, and they left him some money for room service and told him not to leave the hotel room, to which he agreed.

That was over two hours ago, an hour more than they said they'd be. Now Bobby was getting worried. He flipped on the TV, and reports of things in the city going haywire were plastered all over the news. His dad did not answer his cell phone, and on the first ring his mother's phone buzzed on the nightstand.

What was going on...?

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