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Summary: Died via zombie bite ...

Jessica Peters

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Graveyard

Physical Appearance

Stands at 5'7 with brown eyes and long brown hair which is usually kept up. She has a naturally slender build, but is noticeably pregnant (6 months) and carrying a baby in that belly. Wearing business casual maternity clothes and tennis shoes.




Fluent in many languages including: English, Japanese, French, Spanish and German

Learning: Chinease


Basic duffel bag including change of clothes and hygiene products


Jessica is open minded, compassionate. Tends to keep to herself, but isn't to speak up when needed. She is a natural mediator, due to constantly having to be the voice of reason between her older and younger brother.


Jessica grew up in a small town with an alcoholic mother and an absent father. When her mother was unable to care, or unwilling to would be a better word, for her two brothers and herself she gave custody of all 3 children to their grandparents.

Being born and raised in Japan, Jessica's grandmother spoke Japaneses fluently, and began teaching her from a young age. This helped to ignite her love of language. In high school she took every language class available and once she graduated went to college to become a translator. This opened up many opportunities for her to travel the world and learn about many different cultures. She is now back in the city with her younger brother Jake to reconnect with their oldest brother, or at least that was the plan.

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Image of Jessica Peters
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