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Summary: Died protecting his sister from zombies ...

Jake Peters

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Graveyard

Physical Appearance

5'8 with short brown hair usually messy due to his lack of styling ability. He's in good shape and toned. Usually wears a T-shirts with some sort of comic book character on it, jeans and tennis shoes.




Physically fit, with high stamina due to running daily. Well read.


Backpack with a change of clothes, comic books and snacks.


Shy and timid, mostly keeps to himself. Prefers to avoid confrontation whenever possible. Jake is the furthest thing from a natural born leader.


Jake grew up being raised by his grandparents for as long as he can remember. His mother had dropped him and his siblings off with their grandparents when he was only two years old and has no memories of her. Though not intentional, being the youngest of three children Jake often got the short end of the stick. His sister was the smart one and his brother was the athlete. Jake was kind of just there. Though he was loved by his family, he never had his chance to shine.

Being constantly teased and beaten up for being the only gay kid in a small town, Jake became very introverted. Being a nerd didn't help the situation either. Jake decided to spend all his time running or with his head buried in a book, anything to help him escape the depressing monotony of his life. Once he was finally free from the hell known high school, he moved away and got the first job in the city he could find as a waiter in a small coffee shop.

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Image of Jake Peters
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