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Summary: Died trying to save Bobby from a zombie...

Rafael Maldonado

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Graveyard

Physical Appearance

Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes


International chess grand-master, musician and internet vlogger.


Chess strategy
Guitar and Piano
Basic camping knowledge
Speaks English and Spanish
Can somewhat fly a piston engine helicopter and twin engine light aircraft (Grandfather was a crop duster and tour pilot)


Raphael always carries his lucky knight, an antique chess piece he received from his grandfather. More useful tools are a utility shovel which doubles as a bladed weapon, though he rarely uses it, a sleeping bag, a leather-man, a medium size ruck sack that he lifted from an outdoors-man store, and a couple cans of non perishable vegetables and protein bars. He also wears a g-shock watch with a compass on it.


Rafael, or Raffy as his friends call him, is a very outgoing and friendly person. He loves to socialize and meet new people, which is a useful trait for someone who traveled as much as he did.


Rafael grew up in Bueno Aires, Argentina with his mother, then moved to the United States with his grandfather after his mother passed away. He was discovered to be a chess prodigy at a young age and his grandfather trained him to hone the skill. He achieved the title of grand-master at the age of 17 and reigned as the world champion for two years before losing the title to another child prodigy from Germany not long before the rise of the un-dead.

Aside from chess, Raffy expressed a keen interest in music and pursued training in the piano and guitar, as well as singing. He had a Youtube channel with nearly 4,000,000 subscribers before the apocalypse happened, where he regularly vlogged about his chess escapades, posted songs he wrote, and took his viewers on scenic flight tours with his beloved grandfather.

Rafael was in Manhattan at a chess tournament, accompanied by his trainer, when the outbreak happened. For the first few days he and his trainer managed to make due in a small camp North of the city. When they were overrun his trainer was killed, and Raff ran for his life, hoping to find more people as he knows from years of strategy theory that there is definitely safety in numbers.

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Image of Rafael Maldonado
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