This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Jul 26, 2019, 5:14am


This game is triply Moderated by Winters, Esimed & Blitzen aka The Mod Squad. There’s a theme song and everything.

1) The game will be played in short post format. We would like to see you string together a handful of sentences and check them for spelling and grammar, but that aside we don’t expect to see many long posts (which are heavily featured in our other games.)

2) If a player abandons their character or becomes unresponsive to in-game events, we will feed that character to the horde. Which means that character will either die outright or become a zombie - an irreversible transformation. So if you care about the wellbeing of your character, please care about the wellbeing of the game. (If the player gives advance notice to the Mods we will work something out with them.)

3) All initial characters will be in close proximity to one another at the start of the game. We aren’t out looking for you and you aren’t out looking for us because everyone is already together in one physical location. You don’t have to know one another well, but you’ll be stuck together. When new players join the game already in progress we will just say they were with our group all along or were dispatched on a scouting mission that got held up or we thought they were dead, but alas they’re back from the brink, welcome home, well done, cocoa for everyone. This avoids the tedious task of coming up with new ways to bring each character into the mix as that process can throw monkey wrenches into well-laid plans.

4) When you submit your character application we'll discuss which role you want to eventually settle into, but everyone starts as a Keeper. To help players define their roles in the group, they will eventually fall into one of three categories: Fighter, Scavenger or Keeper.

Fighters - they got brawn, they swing heavy sticks, they can confront the dead head on!

Scavenger - Stealth and skills ... break locks, hot-wire cars ... you rely on your brains to get you by, not your brawn.

Keeper - You think you're a burden because you can't fight well, maybe you scare easily, maybe you are a housewife, doctor, scientist, child or a senior. You may have valuable skills but the fact is you rely on others to help you survive.

5) No overpowered characters. That’s why we have the categories; your character can’t be awesome at everything. You’ll know if your character is overpowered because we’ll tell you and we’ll make the necessary edits. Save some awesomeness for the rest of us. Outbreak is just happening, you’re not that badass -- yet. And unless you plan to stick with the game for quite some time, you won’t be around long enough to become that badass.

6) Unless you’re planning on being “The Frog Twins,” you shouldn’t come in as a zombologist. It will only encourage the mods to prove how wrong you are about zombies.

7) No Military, Ex-Military, Grizzled Veterans, Badass cops, etc. You can actually be Ex-Military, IF you were a non combatant, never saw or engaged in combat, and pee yourself when you see your first zombie. We’re looking to play a game with average people who step up and do what they need to do to survive. If you are looking to come in like Daryl Dixon or Michone, this is NOT the game for you. We’re happy to talk to anyone about the spirit of the rules and character types.