It begins ...

It was morning now as the guests at the hotel woked up and meandered down for breakfast. It wasn’t anything special; honestly just the typical fare.

Santiago sat bleary-eyed, mindlessly shoving frosted flakes into his mouth. The small working part of his brain was still wondering why he was in Westchester or even awake at this hour! He had been so blindsided by his Tio there hadn’t been much time to think. Honestly, it was odd for Rio to act the way he did last night, maybe it was the reason Saint hardly put up a fuss about it. Now, however … he waited for Rio to come down and give the young thug some answers!

Hannah meandered down still yawning and stretching. The new graduate had opted to drive down to DC instead of flying; she liked driving and seeing the sites on the way down. Hell, she planned on spending a few days taking a bite out of the big apple! The blonde yawned again, standing in line wanting something warm to eat. Eggs … sausage .... hmmm.

River sat with her family in a booth, her food half eaten. Her earbuds were jammed in and cranked up in a deliberate attempt to ignore her parents. She clicked through YouTube looking for a new trick to learn … something to really freak the parents out. They were going into the city today to check out some high-end school for her super-perfect-can-do-no-wrong brother. Joy of joys.

Upstairs in one of the hotel rooms, Rodrigo “Rio” Ortez paced the floor listening to the news reports. He’d planned to get his nephew as far away from the island as he could, but he hadn’t anticipated that things would escalate so quickly. He unzipped the suitcase on the bed; in it he had all the cash he could withdraw the night before, as well as an extra few hundred dollars from an ATM that morning. Hopefully, there was a Citibank nearby; paying everything in cash would be so much easier. In the case were also two pistols, one small handgun that he’d gotten ages ago for use at the shooting range, and a flare gun which came from the emergency kit in the back of his Honda CRV, just in case. He, of course, kept the one well locked up, especially after Santiago - or Saint as he often reminded his Uncle he liked to be called - came to live with him. He hoped neither would be needed.

Packing his clothes atop the cash, he zippered the bag and stashed it in the closet, taking a moment to run his hands over his unshaven face. He pulled on a plain white tee shirt and headed to the business center before meeting his nephew for breakfast.

“Do you have a shredder I can use?” He asked the clerk behind the desk, as he thumbed through his wallet.

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