Hannah just changed out her pants and tugged a shirt over her camisole. “After what happened in the hotel, I think it’s just safer to be prepared,” She said, padding around the room checking windows and drawing the thin curtains.

Devin re-tied her coveralls around her waist, staying low and moving to the center of the room as more gunfire was heard outside. “Fuck,” she swore under her breath. “Whatever they’re firing at, either there’s a lot of them, or...” -- she thought back to the garage. “They ain’t going down easy.”

“I meant that we have a bunch of guys with guns outside taking care of it. I figured they would be enough to keep us safe,” Saint clarified.

“Safe-ish. We still don’t know shit about anything,” Hanna pointed out, though part of her appreciated Saint trying to keep it positive. She was a little bad with her pragmatism. “At the very least we should be ready to move if the-”

“The fuck WAS that?” Someone outside the cabin yelled.

“Fuck if I know! Where the fuck is the el-tee?” With that shout, the gunshots slowed down, outside once again becoming deathly quiet except for some indiscernible barking of orders in the distance.

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