Who's it going to be?

“I’m coming right back, Gemma. You’re completely safe here inside.” Jules pulled his sister’s fingers free and placed them on Quinn’s harness which she clutched like her life depended on it. Something about Gemma’s rigid posture and stern face brought to mind the likeness of an overgrown child dressed and waiting for the first day of school, suitably terrified of the scary world and being sent out into it. When she was a child it was even worse, believe it or not, because she had no guide dog and hadn’t learned how to navigate or discern safety from danger. Strange to think kindergarten could be more terrifying than a zombie invasion.

Jules rushed over to Rio, bat in hand. “This couch needs to be braced up against the door. Just in case.” He looked back at the others, all in various stages of packing, readiness or on the very verge of bolting for safety, thinking the go-it-alone idea had some merit. He’d considered it himself, and would do so again if it came to it, but it was already dark when they arrived at camp last night; navigating out there right now, with his sister to watch out for….

“They seem to listen to you, Tio. Maybe tell those still on their top bunks that it’s better to get down low on the floor. And… someone should really go out there just to check things out.” Jules was trying to remember all the faces of those who fled with them from the hotel. Which ones went their own way at the rest stop? Who was it stayed behind on the bus? But his thoughts kept returning to Sophie’s beautiful face with it’s dark skin and pouty lips framed by those loose curls that just begged him to grab ‘em and… Jules wrenched his hands around the bat and forced himself to focus. Shit, what would Gemma do? She always had the cold, coherent way of knowing what to do even when it was the hard thing. And he heard her voice in his mind clear as night.

*One of these poor fucks in this cabin must be expendable. Find someone who isn’t paired up and send them out to check on things.*

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