GTT: Watch your step

Rio offered a hand to River as she climbed off the bus, the red headed boy clamoring after her. Devin and Hannah weren’t far behind, followed up by Vida and Saint.

“Everyone remember where we parked,” he kidded. “My phone says convenience store is up this way. Dunno what they’ll have by way of weapons --" He answered the red-head, "but at least we can grab food and some water bottles.”

Saint loped along trailing behind his Tio and the two kids. “Man I hope they have coffee. I could use a cup… or three.” He yawned, stretching out. Nothing on that bus was what any human would call comfortable.

“I’m just happy to be away from that smell,” Hannah admitted. “No getting used to that stench,” she added with a wrinkled nose.

“You think you’d go nose blind to it.” Devin agreed.

“Habituation usually takes the brain about 22 minutes, that’s why you don’t hear the refrigerator running until it shuts off.” Rio explained. “But you don’t habituate as fast to anything your senses find unpleasant.” Crossing both lanes of standstill traffic, he started up the steep embankment on either side of the highway towards the convenience store, holding out a hand to help tiny River up the side.

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