GTT: Safe in there Cars

River was awestruck with the sheer amount of cars and people at a standstill on the road. The movement was at a snail's pace but nothing you could really take in as making any real headway. “All these people… so many of them. Why are all the cars stuck here? You don’t think… you think they not letting people out?” She asked Rio. River had seen traffic but not to this scale. To the kid, it’s seemed epic!

“I’m sure that there probably is a checkpoint… and they're making sure no one sick gets through, you know?” Hannah said, trying for a more positive alternative.

“Say that to the National Guardsmen who bailed on us.” Saint grumbled from lack of caffeine and sleep.

“So not helping.” The blonde commented.

“It’ll probably move come morning,” Rio predicted. “If it is a checkpoint, maybe it’s simply closed for the night.” He tried to use his most convincing voice, trying to sway the kids, the women and his nephew to believe him, while trying to believe it himself.

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