GTT: Stay Togeth- ah too late

“I would say split up but… there is a strong chance we'll get lost with a crowd like this.” Hannah said, looking at the masses who apparently all had the same goal in mind.

“That ain't the only thing,” Saint said to point to a nearby store sign and read ‘Cash only. No credit.’ “I have zero doubt they'll goudge the hell out of us or anything them. We can try somewhere else, but will it be any better? The highway is pretty backed up so all the town along the route could be swamped,” He noted.

“It’s too far to walk to another town that's further away from the road,,” Hannah noted. They had two kids and people on the bus waiting for them. Given what happened at the camp Hannah wasn’t too comfortable putting too much distance between them and their ride.

River looked around. “Didn’t we have two others coming?” She asked, not seeing the medics sister and the pregnant woman's brother.

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