BUS: Let's Talk

Jules was not a patient man; that attribute had gone to his sister. He stared into Sophie’s eyes for what seemed like seven days, hoping that by giving her more time she’d arrive at an answer to his offer, an answer that would result in she and he taking a private walk in the dark. He hadn’t seen her ass jiggle in ages and was starting to get worried that something regrettable had befallen that jewel of his eye and apple of his heart. And it truly was. Sophie's ass was like a mellifluous heart, mounted upside down against dark legs. Jules tried, but could not look away. And now it was becoming awkward.

“Jules,” Gemma called out to him. "Take Quinn out to pee and try not to swing your stick at anyone.”

Jules sighed and moved on towards the back of the bus. He flipped the handle to the emergency exit and hopped down with Quinn right behind him. The breath of fresh air was staggering. Because it smelled like car exhaust. Many of the vehicles had turned off their engines, but many still were idling, some even had their headlights on. There were people wandering in tight circles around their vehicles or back and forth trying to get a signal on their phones. It was decidedly not private and whatever romantic whims he so desperately hoped Sophie would adopt towards him were not going to be nourished behind a parked hotel shuttle bus stranded on the highway.

Inside the bus, Gemma stood up and tapped her way to the front, stepped down off the bus and bumped directly into Jessica. On purpose. “Oops, sorry. I didn’t see you there. Don’t think you and I have met. I’m Gemma.”

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