BUS: Dependence

Sophie looked up to him with her arms wrapped tightly around her knees. Outside? In the dark? Well, it was a big man with a bat and a dog...and he seemed keen on protecting her. She was a little too wrapped up in thought to respond well. Or at all. Before she could formulate her decision he was on the move with the hound. She paused again, pondering whether a potential sacrifice to the dark was necessary for a little more comfort. Against her better judgement, Sophie stood.

As she hopped down from the emergency exit she gazed into the abyss. There was nothing good about it, not even fresh air. A childish fear engulfed her gaze so swiftly the woman stepped away from the bus and wrapped a hand around his bicep--or what she could given the size. The grip at first was a bit too tight, too frantic in terror. But darkness was the last thing she needed to fear. Sophie took in a big gulp of air, feeling the blood rush through her body again as she stuck close to the man and his dog.

"So..." she spoke after a moment of silence, the dog's pissing ever so faint. "What other than sports can you tell me about? Any other talents, traits, any of that?" Jules had mentioned he wanted to learn all about her but she wanted to as well. He was a natural with conversation, that much was evident. His admiration, too. That much she admired right back.

The street lights didn't do much to aid with sight so touch was the only reliance at the moment. And simply nearing him was already a comfort. Without her sister, without him or without any muscle there was little she could do, and she hated the dependence. Didn't stop her now.

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