BUS: Hands on Questioning

<<"Excuse me, so sorry," she said, moving out of the way. "I'm Jessica. Nice to finally introduce ourselves?">>

Gemma held out her hand in greeting. It was held in the general direction of Jessica, but these things were always awkward, more so for those with sight than for the blind. That was also why Gemma wore sunglasses most any waking hour day or night. People were accustomed to the human eye following the perceived point of interest, but obviously things worked differently with the blind.

And the blind got away with some things that would have been frowned upon or outright inexcusable among the sighted. Specifically they were allowed to touch people and things. Gemma let her cane hang by the strap from her wrist and placed both hands firmly on Jessica’s belly. “May I ask you an honest question, Jessica? You are taking care of more than just yourself these days. You are protective of this fragile life and would shield her from knowledge that would only serve to frighten her.” Gemma shifted her hands into a different position and almost caressed the pregnant woman’s belly. “My twin and I also shared a womb and he protects me from… all this. Though I admit I’m not quite as helpless as I let him think, but men like to feel strong and important, don’t they?” Gemma pulled her hands back and turned to look out into the predawn night. “So he shields me from the truth when he thinks the truth will hurt me. The truth about all the strange happenings out there. You and I can be honest, yes? Would you please tell me what it’s like, what they’re like? The rabid killer man killer things. Jules won’t talk about them much. Are they people?”

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