GTT: The Long Walk Part I

If it felt like they were walking for hours, it’s because they were walking for hours. It wasn’t like the city where there was a store, a new neighborhood on every corner. This was upstate, and there were miles and miles between exits.

“Just a little bit more.” She said, encouragingly to River, even though she was starting to feel a deep set thirst taking hold of her throat. They’d find something soon. Even if it was a house, they could trouble the owners for water and if no one was home? All the better.

River was chugging along with the occasional nudge from Devin. This was insane how far was the next town! “Ugh! When we get there I'm going to drink a whole pool!” She complained. For the most part she had kept her whiney trap shut but she was reasching ‘Are we there yet?’ and ‘Can we take a break?’ part of the trip. She was trying really hard no to say those two lines. So. Hard.

While Rio started out thinking only of getting ice for his nephew’s eye, he knew by this point if they happened to find any, it wouldn’t be used to bring down the bruise marks. Going back to the bus at this point wasn’t really an option, they’d walked too far to give up and head back. “It’s like Vegas.” He quipped. “Every clearing we come to - like playing the slots, you put in too many quarters you know if you give up, the next one to put a quarter in is gonna hit it big.”

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