GTT: The Long Walk Part 2

“One more … Mile … come one was killing it!” Saint encouraged as he dragged himself along. Oh, face ached. “Where are all the fuuuuuuuuuccckkkiing cars!” This lonely stretch of asphalt was pristinely devoid of cars! It was awful! IF there had been one sure they would have to crammed into one like a clown car but at least they ould have AC! And SPEED!

Hannah though was far accustomed to this than the rest. She was after all a true country girl. No upstate but middle American middle of nowhere kid of country girl. She marched on seemingly tirelessly. “You guys are doing great, come a little further I'm sure it’s just around the bend.” She said in a way to a positive tone as she urged them on.

Devin did her best not to give Pollyanna a dirty look, but she did have to admit her enthusiasm did help somewhat. She was just about to give up when she saw the blue road sign announcing food, gas and lodging up ahead. It didn’t say how far, but it was at least a beacon of hope that they had a destination.

“We’ll find a car there, I’ll bet.” Rodrigo placated Saint with the promise. “You’ll have your pick, and whatever you boost, I promise - zero complaints. Hopefully we get you something cold for that eye. That’s one hell of a shiner.”

Saint waved it off. He wore that shiner like a badge of honor. “It’s nothing Tio.” Saint said a bit puffed. “You're looking a bit suntsetty ‘round the chin as well.” He jibbed.

Rio laughed in response, shifting his jaw from side to side. “It’s nothing, ese.”

The group dragged on together with Hanna nudging everyone to go ‘Just a little further’.

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