GTT: Grapes of Wrath

“Just like I said!” Rio bragged, turning the next bend. Set way back in a clearing was a farmhouse with the longest driveway he ever saw. Two horses trotted in a fenced-in pasture, kept company by a smallish dog who barely lifted his lazy head to see the interlopers start encroaching on his territory.

Hannah was relieved. Finally something! The group needed a win! “Great!” She said with a big grateful sigh. “Why don’t you guys take a break, find some shade. Rio? You come with me, check the place out? With all the craziness going on if there is anyone home I don’t want to scare them with a big group.” She explained.

River was all too happy to plop down in a shady grassy spot. She was just glad it the walking was at an end! “I hope they have some food. I’m getting hungry.” River said in a small voice. Breakfast hadn’t been very big and lunch had been a riot.

Saint waited for Rio to respond, mostly to see what he did. He didn’t like the idea of letting his Tio out of view with how fast things had been going downhill he would much rather stick close to him. Besides what if the place was abandoned and they found a car? What if it wasn’t? What if they were shuffling around waiting for an innocent man and women to enter and chomp on there faces!

Rio let out a slow breath and looked over at his nephew. If there was someone home and they were less than helpful, they’d have to strongly encourage them to be hospitable, and he didn’t want Saint to have to be a part of that. On the same token, leaving him out of sight was just as damning an idea, but at least if anything - his nephew could run.

“Small group is the way to go chica.” He turned to his nephew. “If you catch even the slightest whiff of trouble, mijo, you high tail it out of here, and remember the plan. I’ll whistle when it’s safe to come in.”

Like River, Devin was happy to sink down into the grass. Her work boots were half a size too large, fine for clomping around in a hotel and protecting her toes, but the long walk? Her dogs were definitely barking. The grass felt cool and inviting, soft enough to lie back on and stretch out. “I’m sure they’ll have something to eat.” She told River optimistically. “And water. I’d kill for water.”

That’s exactly what I’m afraid we’ll have to do. Rio thought glumly as he trapsed up the long driveway next to Hannah. “Detached garage.” He noted, pointing off in the distance. “Let’s hope they use it to store a car.”

Saint wasn’t happy but he nodded and didn’t complain as he took a shady spot of grass to chill. It was still nice to be off his feet and a cool woodsy breeze to cool off. Boy, the sticks smell different from the city.

“You and me both!” Hanna said with a wry smile. That would be the cherry of the day. Good grief her bar for a good day had fallen low so quickly. “You wana talk or shall I?” She asked. The blonde didn’t the guy but if he was feeling confident about pleading their case IF there was someone home she didn’t mind him taking point instead.

“Depends, chica. I think if an old farmhand comes to the door, he’s gonna listen to anything you have to say over me.” He smoothed out his t-shirt the best he could with his hands. “Actually, it’d probably look better if you did the talking.” The white picket fence, rockers on the porch, this had MAGA written all over it.

Passing the well-worn rocker, Rio used the back of his hand to knock on the door three times, briefly glancing in the window as he did so. Nothing inside stirred, so he rapped on the door once more. “Might be our lucky day.” He said, this time more brazenly looking in the front window. “Let’s let ourselves in.”

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