GTT: Grapes of Wrath pt 2

The tinkling sound of breaking glass woke the sleeping dog who lifted his lazy head and yapped twice before going back to his nap. Devin took notice of it, her ears pricking with the sound as she sat back upon the grass. There weren’t any other sounds of a struggle, no cursing, or shouting, it was likely nothing.

“Well that didn’t take long.” Saint chortled flopping on the grass.

River who was tired and mentally far and away only snapped back to the hear and now when Saint had said something. “Herm? What? What didn’t take long?” River yawned.

“Nothing kid no worries.” Saint assured the little kid with a lazy wave.

Hannah was about to protest but frankly with all the crazy shit going on her people needed the basics and this could be the only opportunity nearby. They all had been running on fumes. “Well doesn't look like anyone home …” She stated the obvious as Rio slid open the window for them to sneak in.

The light where all of giving the inside a bit of dimness their eyes need to adjust to. The dog who had curled itself in it’s bed perked with wariness at the intruders. Right off the bat the duo could see the place had already been turned over, not robbed turned over, rather the occupants had clearly packed in a hurry. Stuff was everywhere pictures were gone leaving there outlines on walls and shelves.

“So … I think it’s safe to say there isn’t anyone home.” Hannah said with an arched eyebrow. “We can give the place a quick look over before calling everyone in. Let’s check out the kitchen first.”

Rio opened a few cabinets. “Stockpilers,” he said, mostly to himself. There were plenty of canned goods to be had, and the best part about cans were they lasted near an eternity. He scooped what he could into a reusable shopping bag, taking care to grab a can opener through one of the rummaged through drawers. There were dry goods too, pastas of every shape and color, but pasta would require boiling water, which was as of late in short supply. He eyed the faucet greedily, but a pang of guilt kept him from grabbing a glass, the others were plenty thirsty too. Maybe there was a container somewhere he could fill.

Hannah was checking out the rest of the kitchen. Mostly for anything they would need long term. Yea, girl was thinking worst-case and long term. That meant portable pots and pans, a propane portable stove … survival supplies.

As soon as the sound of running water could be heard there was a rushed tippy tap on dog nail on wood as the border collie scrambled to the kitchen. Granted Rio was a stranger … but he was a stranger with thumbs and water! He whined looking from the glass full of water to the dry and dusty bowl dramatically.

Hannah tsk. “Poor fella … Hey, why not fill his bowl. I’ll check the upstairs and if all good we’ll give the all clear and feed and water our people.” She said confidently this place was not long ago abandoned.

“Be careful.” Rio advised, pushing aside the lace curtain on the kitchen window to check his nephew. Seeing him stretched comfortably on the lawn, he turned his attention to the pitiful pup who gently pawed his leg. “I got you, boy. He said, scritching the dog behind his ear. Cool water filled the dish and he eagerly lapped it up noisily, his tail wagging the entire time. “Glad I could help,” one more head pat and Rio went back to raiding the kitchen. “All clear?” He called to Hannah upstairs, eager to get Saint and the others out from any potential danger.

“All clear.” The blond said padding back down the stairs. “Whoever was here definitely packed up and left.” She added. “I can help wonder why they left the pup.” She said, shaking her head. With how crazy things where she wasn’t going to even try to understand it. “Let’s call the rest of ‘em in. Let them get a drink and some food.”

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