GTT: GoW River's new friend, Saint's new ride

Rio stepped onto the front porch and whistled by putting two fingers in the corners of his mouth, a shrill sound that made the tail wagger stop lapping water long enough to look at him with his head tilted sideways.

“I think that’s our cue,” Devin said, standing and offering a hand to River to help the girl to her feet.

River and Saint amble to there feet and headed to the abandoned homestead.

River was feeling more upbeat with the idea of food and water and Saint was a bit more at ease knowing things had not gone tits up like had been in the last 24 hours.

“Go on and grab a glass of water … were still going through all the food but if anything I would say go for the perishables first and save the canned stuff for later.” She advised.

The dog having been kindly watered was feeling particularly friendly to his saviors now and walked over to enthusiastically greet the newcomers.

“Awww poor doggie.” River petted. The dog reinvigorated happily bounced around excitedly.

“Who leaves their dog.” Saint said sourly making a beeline for the sink.

“Don’t judge we don’t know what happened.” Hanna reminded piling foodstuff onto the counter. “Well check out the garage after some food. Maybe they'll have some camping gear in there.” She wasn’t holding out too much hope for a car. If they did leave the chances were slim. The best she could hope for would be a wagon to drag supplies back to the bus.

Devin drank water until her stomach hurt, then drank a little more to top it off and splashed cool water over her face. She’d have paid good money to take a hot shower in a private bathroom, but they’d already been gone for hours, and who knew when the occupants of the house would be back.

“I think we may be in luck, Mijo!” Rio said optimistically, holding up a set of keys with a chevy logo ring. “Maybe you won’t have to jack our next ride. I’ll check out the garage, fingers crossed it’s not a two-seater!”

River with the help of Devin took her fill of water before eyeing the pile of food on the table. “We should check the fridge. The food might still be good in there. What about you doggie … you look hungry too … we look for some kibble too!” River said feeling MUCH better.

Saint smiled. “Cool why don't we check that out!” He said eager to be useful.

“You sure you don’t want to grab something to eat?” Rio offered. “The little chica might inhale it all before we get back.” He teased.

“I think I’ll eat easier knowing we have a ride back and way to haul out swag to the other waiting.” Saint admitted. “Beside the kid like me … she’ll save me some good stuff right?” He said with a grin.

River gave a thumbs up giving her mouth was full of crackers.

“Let me know if you see any camping gear we could use it just in case.” Hanna reminded and she continued to rummage.

“Propane or propane accessories, got it. We’ll grab whatever’s useful.” He promised. There was a little more spring in his step now that he’d hydrated, in fact everyone’s mood greatly seemed to improve.

The garage door - if it had a lock, it wasn’t being used. “That’s country living for you.” Rodrigo scoffed. “What do you think would happen if we left a garage door unlocked back in Cali? By morning there’d be --” He stopped short, furrowing his brow. “You hear that?”

“And empty - “ Saint paused when his Tio claimed to hear something. Saint edged closer to listen tapping on the door hoping to rouse whoever or whatever might be inside. It was a bit Harvest Moon out here so for all Saint knew it could be a raccoon or a possum … they had these out here. Right?

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