GTT: We’ve Got Company

“Think I’m getting paranoid with all this shit going on.” Rio laughed. Yanking the handle, the bay door opened with a loud creak, and an even louder yell from Rio himself. Crawling on its belly, a half man quickly grabbed the leg of Rio’s pants, “Sonavabitch!” he swore, kicking at it with his free foot. A much more bloated, but equally obviously dead woman shambled close behind, going for his nephew! “SHIT!”

The think they you never realized about fresh zombies is he rot smell. They were after all left in a hot garage to bake and boy were they done. The poor kid tried not to gag over it. Hell he wasn’t given much of a chance as the the bloated women was on him pretty. The ex gangster fumbled for something ANYTHING to help defend himself … which ended up being a garbage lid. Weapon of champions!

He sungit to hit the approaching women. It was super ineffective.

Saint continued a string of bilingual curses as he tried again with pretty much the same effect. So far he had only succeeded at keeping her at bay!

Direct kicks to the face weren’t even slowing the crawler down as its blackened teeth inched closer to Rio’s calf, but what really sparked his need to get away was seeing his nephew in trouble. “Not him, not today, he hissed through clenched teeth. With one more blow and a sickening crunch, Rio’s boot crushed what was once a jaw, What he needed though was a weapon. Shelves were lined with paint thinner and brushes, nothing that could be used as a -- wait! Tire iron! Dragging the crawler behind him, Rio grabbed the tire iron leaning against a lawn mower, striking the zombie with a sickening thud, still not even slowing the beast down, but he was able to wedge it between the zombie’s hand and his leg, prying himself free. “Santiago!” He called, running up behind the woman shambler. Using all of his strength, combined with adrenaline, he drove the tire iron into the back of the zombie’s neck, Saint holding up the trash can lid as a shield as he did. The woman faltered forward, gnashing her teeth and trying to claw anything she could get her hands on, which, Rio decedied, would definitely not be Saint. With the flat piece of the tire iron still lodged in her neck, the zombie gurgled. Rio tried to remove it, but it seemed to be lodged in fairly well. “GO!” He told his nephew. “Get the truck, I can hold them off.”

“You have the keys!” Saint reminded as he sidestepped the … lord her was actually thinking it now … zombie. Giving it a swift kick in the ass before running like a cartoon character to the truck. Then bitches be SLOW to respond.

The truck was all they could have wanted and more. It was four door roomy and had a decent bed. Sans the … again with the “Z” word … Zombie. Bobby will never let this go now. The car would work amazingly well for their needs! Saoot climbed in. “Tio get your ass in here!” He crowed.

“They’re slow enough, Mijo, Get the others and pack up, I can keep them away from the house.” He tossed the keys through the open window onto the seat next to his nephew and offered a smile. “Just don’t drive off without me, or I’ll kick your ass from here til Sunday.”

This was a newer car with a computer chip in the key and he definitely did not have the tools to crack that kind of security. Luckily Rio left them on the passenger seat making Saint life INFINITELY easier as the car roared to life. Best sound he heard all day!

The noise did not go unnoticed inside. Hannah looked to Devin with a raised eyebrow and snagged the marble rolling pin from the wall. “Boy sound like they need a ladies touch out there. River stay and … protect the dog.”

River tried not to look to offended giving Hannah an oblique look.

Devin grabbed the largest knife she could find and followed suit. “Dog, stay here and protect River.” She countered with, scooting out the door behind Hannah.
“HEY!” Rio called, banging the top of the trashcan to the metal bottom. He put his fingers in the corners of his mouth and whistled a shrill whistle, anything to keep the attention of the two dead, one half eaten dragging himself along the ground, the other with a tire iron still jutting from the base of her skull. “Make it snappy Saint!”

Saint didn't have much time to use the truck as the lethal weapon it was when he said the girl running out like a bat out of hell arm to the teeth with the most dangerous things from the kitchen.

Hannah was first up behind the … OH THE SMELL … the blonde did so much think beyond that as she swung the hefty stoneware rolling pin at the side of the womens head. It made a horrific crack against her head and the women stumbled to the side from the impact.

“Watch it!” Rio warned as the woman’s skull cracked open, spilling grey matter and a black tar like substance. “Don’t let it touch your skin!” Putting his foot on the corpse’s back, he removed the tire iron, this time jamming it where Hannah cracked the skull. The second dead man inched his way across the yard at a slow enough pace. Rio skirted to him and back into the garage where he found a garden spade. It took a few tries, but he was finally able to crush it through the skull of the crawler until he stopped moving.

“We should round up the others and the supplies, before we find any more surprises. I’m not sure if there was any camping gear inside the garage, or that you’d want it anyway if there were.” He offered.

“Right. I’ll take a peek .. see if we can use anything. Start grabbing anything and everything we can use and as much food as we can pile in and quickly as you can!” She said slipping into the garage. “Keep the engine running. I’ll help as soon as I have this sorted.”

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