BUS: Retreat and...relax?

Vida had made it near the crowd right as the fighting seemed to break out. The hell were these people thinking? This was no time for a damned riot! But that didn’t stop her inching closer upon seeing one of the men from the bus get hit, the one she didn’t have the highest opinion of. Well, one of many. If any of them had dropped their names she didn’t care enough to know--

Her dark eyes had been darting around the relentless pushing and shoving of bodies long enough to pick up patterns. Who swung when, who swung the most, who wanted the hell outta there, and her fist balled up and blended into the madness without a second thought. An inimical nature that had gone far too long unnurtured by the world. With her surgery, her being out for what felt like ages, and the restriction of the ring...now she was here with the freedom to be better than ever. Yet, she wasn’t. She didn’t try as hard as she knew she could. Sure, they all landed but none of them had the sickening crunch she craved. There was no fury and there always was. What the hell?

By the time the underwhelming tantrum had reached its cessation, it had only done so after she caught the faintest glimpses of her hands in the moonlight. Dividing herself from the riot she stumbled out and examined her fingers in the shadows. Blood was pooling on her knuckles and there was no indication whose it was but it was enough to deter her from the pointless fight any longer. Then and only then did she stop the fighting. As she had just begun to walk back to the bus someone fired a shot at the front of the crowd. Was it two? Vida paid no mind but it sent her diving into the grass for cover. Crawling to her feet once the sound had subsided, panicked screams here and there, she had a good sprint back to the bus upon noticing her group was nowhere to be seen. They had it under control, they could do it. They had kids--which they brought willingly into danger--but she was not risking her hide even for them.

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