BUS: Touch

The feeling of his hands on her waist was almost enough to frighten her given they’d only met this day. She wasn't an openly touchy person. With the bat in Sophie’s hands she felt a sensation of shivering power, the cold steel of it chilled her to the bone. Maybe that’s why he liked it. You feel safer with me next to you? What about me? she thought with a faint smile. If he hadn’t come out here she would still be on that acrid bus. It was refreshing to have a conversation with someone she wasn’t related to by blood or work. A total stranger. When he wasn’t flirting (and even when he was) the chatter was welcomed, and when he touched her, damn. For now, she’d bite. His efforts deserved that much.

She paused a minute in thought with the bat still in grip. “I spend most of my time helping people. I trained from EMT basics and now I’m a paramedic, but I possess all the skills an EMT would, just a little more advanced. Summary, I save people. Outside of that I don’t do much because I’ve been going at it for years now. If I have friends I barely see them, dating is out of the ballpark,” she bumped him with her leg, “and my career has been the main focus ever since high school. That and staying close to Vida. Really nothing else to it. Unfortunately I’m not interesting enough to be an eighth wonder or an athlete,” she laughed softly. “But I’m okay with that. I’m changing lives and that’s more than I could’ve asked for in a lifetime.”
The thought of all the people she’d lost in the back of that truck came to the present as she eyed the ground, but she had grown used to the melancholy thoughts and paid no mind.
Actually, she paid all of her mind daily. But her job was a one true love.
Her gaze lifted to the sky lit by tiny twinkles of light. "You think I could model?"

In the eerie silence that was people wiring down for the night, the gunshot was a minor acknowledgement but sounded too far for concern. Could've been anything.
If there was one thing she remembered from their time outdoors it was a simple thing he’d said. A simple, important thing that was likely an epiphany to him at one point in time, which Sophie was almost envious of.

She didn’t really need me anymore, not like she did when we were growing up.

Sophie looked to him for his response and Quinn strode up to the side of the vehicle.

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