GTT: Back to the Bus

“Anything?” Rio called into the garage for Hannah.

Devin ran back to the house to grab supplies as well as the two kids, and… getting there, apparently their dog. “C’mon!” She called. “Bobby, Rivs, grab a couple of those bags. We’re heading back to the bus.” Grabbing three of the bags herself, she nudged them to hurry. The truck wasn’t exactly quiet, and who knew how many more of those ‘things’ were out there.

There was a thumping sound. Clearly something being tossed into the bed of the truck. “Yup! Loading it all up, if they got water containers, bring those too!” She called out tossing more stuff into the truck bed.

Saint satisfied they were safe for the moment when to start running back of food from the kitchen to the truck. The sooner they left the better as far as he was concerned!

River checked the dog’s collar. “I’m sure that the’ll let the dog come along. Poor thing! Cooper.” River read brightly the dog wagging his tail wildly hearing his name. “Awe! Whos a good boy who’s a good Cooper … “River cooed. She never had a pet and Cooper clearly needed looking after! She head Devin call out for them to help. “Okay Devin! Oh Bobby if you see dog food bring that too!” She said grabbing as many packed food bags as she could before waddling to the truck loaded down mini sherpa.

“Awww, Chica, I don’t know if taking a dog along is a good idea, he’ll need food, and we might have to make what we have left last until we get where we’re going. Plus a dog is a lot of responsibility -- “ Rio started, but one look, once River’s bottom lip quivered, he knew they’d adopted a dog. “Fine. He’ll have to sit on your lap in the back if there’s no room. The dog…” He warned, eyeing the redhead.

“That’s everything!” Devin called, stowing the rest of the bags in the bed of the pickup. “We should start heading back towards the bus. At least this thing can go off road if we need it to. Maybe we can high tail it out of there.

Rodrigo nodded his head. They could go back, or they could just head north. It wasn’t that they owed anyone anything, was it? But, he also knew his nephew, and his nephew was pretty adamant about keeping everyone together. Once Saint had his mind on something, weren’t any use trying to convince him otherwise. So no matter how crowded the truck would be, he stayed silent about it. “Okay, Mijo.” The front of the pickup held Saint, Rodrigo and Devin, while Bobby, River, the dog and Hannah squeezed in the back.

Hannah helped pack up some dog stuff, food bowls, and neat vest with pockets and some … clothing? … can never be too safe. She double-checked they had everything they needed, water, tools, equipment. The last thing she wanted to happen was to have can but no can opener! Hannah herself wasn’t opposed to the dog … she liked dogs anyway and it might actually help keep the kids focused on something instead of running and getting … christ … zombie chowed.

River was all smiles and Cooper settled himself on the girl's lap he head resting onto Bobby’s as if claiming the duo as his own.

Saint made sure everyone was in seeing Hanah squeezing herself in dead last. “Next stop … traffic jammed up bloody bus!” He joked rolling out. They were going to roll in like friggin hero’s AND get out of that traffic jam. Two munchers one bullet.

They had walked pretty far and with the air conditioning, smooth ride and lack of rotten meat smell River passed out pretty quickly her head coming to rest on Bobby’s shoulder.

Hell, even Hannah was feeling it, not having gotten much sleep herself twice she found her head snapping to attention as if declaring ‘Nope I didn’t fall asleep see my eyes are open.’

Rodrigo rested his head against the window. Once they got the others and put them… people would have to ride in the back if they had six more AND a dog to bring along. But the bus wasn’t practical at all. They’d somehow make it work.

Devin leaned her head back on the seat. Brief nap, then she could take a turn behind the wheel, she rationalized. It’d just been such a long day and an even longer night. Sleep was a luxury in and of itself, she drifted off thinking about how great it would be when they got to sleep in an actual bed again. With thoughts of sheets, blankets and pillows adrift in her head,she quickly fell fast asleep.

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