GTT: Boy Talk

“I got you Mijo.” Rodrigo said quietly to not wake the others. He was determined to stay awake with his nephew. “You want to nap too, you tell me and I’ll drive. If not, I’ll keep you company til we get back to the bus.

Hannah lost her battle and inadvertently got to comfortable and zonked her battle to stay awake lost.

“Tio don’t worry … I got enough in me to get there but well definitely need to switch off when we got to west point. I know it ain’t crazy far but with how crazy and random shits been it better to have you fresh. Just in case.” Saint said reasonably. “You’ll be the first I wake when we get there.”

“I’m sure someone else can drive, Santiago, “ Rio soothed, stifling a yawn as he spoke. “Just takes a second to nod off, and you been up just as long as the rest of us. C’mon, we can talk about your plans for college during the ride.”

“Really? College? Were in a truck loaded with camping supplies two kids, a random dog with two strangers picking up more strangers from a bus in perpetual gridlock liberally soak in blood.” Saint said stifling a giggle. “Oh, and there are folk out to eat us and refused to go down without some serious bashing to the head area. But yea … let’s focus on college.” He said shaking his head feeling the subject was the least of there worries at the moment.

Rio smiled and nodded his head. “I’m not ready to right the world off yet, Mijo. And with everything being so crazy? I need to know you have a plan just in case anything happens. C’mon. Indulge me. I’m thinking Texas. You need somewhere warm.”

“Texas? Are you crazy? I’ll get deported so fast …” Saint laughed

“Anywhere you want Mijo. Just not the old neighborhood. Promise?”

“Dunno yet … I mean like … You know me and car, the good the bad and the 351 Windsor.” He joked. “Nothing fancy I can stay local … like a trade school or something.” Sure Saint wasn’t shooting high but he was a practical sort. Why drop a pretty penny when he knew a trade school would teach him what he wanted to learn. “But … it’s college kinda overrated?”

“It’s whatever you make it out to be, Saint. More than anything I’d like to see you graduate, send you off to live in the dorms somewhere, Join… I dunno, a crew team or something. Wishful thinking, but I’m gonna hold onto that for right now. I’m proud of you, don’t think I’ve told you that enough, but I am, kiddo. This… all this, hopefully, they figure this shit out soon, because I can’t wait to see what the future brings you.”

“Tio I ain’t no ones done right by me but you and Abuela. I for sure don’t trust this all to just blow over, till it does.” Saint admitted. “Till it does, we’re a crew. Safety in number Tio. So trust me. Get some sleep just a bit so when it’s my turn to nod off I can feel better passing the fuck out.” Saint replied and they rolled along. They were making great time with this empty back road. Admittedly the walk to the farmhouse had felt way longer.

Rodrigo chuckled, leaning his head against the glass window, letting himself yawn. “You just don’t want to hear me talk about Syracuse is all.” He accused his nephew. “Just five minutes a power nap and I’ll be good to go.” The highway was just ahead. As soon as they got back? He’d make sure his nephew got his own chance to sleep as well. “No speeding.” His uncle warned as a joke, right before letting himself nod off.

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