Return to the Bus

The truck pulling to a halt roused Rodrigo from his sleep and there, up the road, sat the bus, still gridlocked. The pickup, with it’s four-wheel drive had no problem with the steep embankments making travel much easier.

“Good job, Mijo.” Rio told his nephew. “Stay with the truck, all of you, I’ll go get the others. Keep an eye on the supplies.” He asked Hannah.

"I'll try to look as intimidating as I can with my bat. You shouldn't go alone you going with him Saint?" Hannah asked quietly slipping out of the car quietly.

The two kids where still out like two light and she didn't want to wake them unless absolutely necessary.

Saint yawned stretched and nodded. "Shouldn't take long." The car thief noted.

Rio thought better than to argue with him, Devin and Hannah could more than handle themselves if it came to looters, and if there were any troubles back at the bus - back up would be good to have.

The two deftly jumped the median and ran to where the bus sat, unmoved. “I haven’t missed that smell,” Rio commented, crinkling his nose as they were upwind.

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