Return to the Bus part 2

"Man I hear ya. Soon we all get out of here the better. It like frigging trapped cattle here ya know?" Saint said trailing after Rio. "Further away from main road like this the better I'll feel. Don't really care where we go." He admitted.

“We’re not far from West Point.” Rio replied, lowering his voice and slowing his pace some. He knew Santiago was dead on his feet, the boy hadn’t slept in over 24 hours,and had a long drive on top of it. “But… now would be the time, Saint. We can leave the others with a fresh truck full of fuel, supplies, let them make their own way, no guilt. Might be easier traveling, if it was just me and you, but ultimately, I’ll leave that ball in your court.”

"We got this far. When we get to West Point we can see who shakes out." Saint shrugged. "But we have right and rough plan, they wanna come they can. They wanna stay at West Point when we get there that's cool but I just don't feel right about up and go-" Saint paused scrunching his nose.

"The hell is that?" Saint said craning his neck over the card to get a better look. He could swear he saw some people running but maybe it was just him.

“Shit.” Whatever it was, Rico cussed himself for not bringing a bat or weapon. “Go back to the truck, mijo.” Fat chance of it happening, but he felt better at least saying it. “You can look after the others, And I’ll meet up with you at the point if we get split up.”

"Right because two more bodies with blunt weapons is going to make a difference." Saint said dryly to his Tio. "Run we need to hurry after we get the faster we can outrun whatever is coming." He said picking up the pace to the bus.

The din of yells and screams could be heard and people starting to abandon their car and the beginning of a stampede was starting to form.

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