Bobby steels and arms himself

It wasn't the yells and screams that woke Bobby. Before those had even started, the dog had begun to emit a sound strangely caught between a whine and a growl, and he pressed his nose into Bobby's face. "Hey, what-" Bobby began, waking with a start. He looked around. "We stopped... Is that the bus?" The vehicle was easy to spot from their position. Stuck between lower cars, the sight reminded Bobby of images of large lone hills rising from the flat desert of Australia or Death Valley.

That's when the first screams began and flecks of movement began to dart between the cars. As fear adrenaline jolted Bobby fully awake, he noticed that the latino brothers weren't there. "Feckin' cac," he swore. "Something's up. River, wake up." He gently shook the girl. "Devin, Hannah. People are startin' to run. If they don't come back before they swarm this way we're gonna be up shite creek." He moved to sit on one knee in the truck bed and grabbed a pitchfork. "Do you have the gun? Case we need it?"

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