Man's Best Friend

Raffy had been walking a little over an hour, trying to stay in the tree line while following the highway. He'd been able to keep a low profile so far, though how could he really determine that since there was no one around? He shook his canteen, slightly irritated that he hadn't thought to fill it up back at the creek. Then again, it probably wasn't wise to be drinking unfiltered water anyway. The sun was still high in the sky, not due to set for another 3 hours or so. While he didn't want to waste the sun, he also knew he would need to rest soon. The initial adrenaline had begun to wear off. Raff to his final sip of what was left in the canteen, then placed it back in the ruck sack. Even with the few items he had, this thing was still quite heavy.

He looked down his watch, making sure he was still walking north. As he stood there he began to hear faint voices coming from just beyond the trail. He turned but couldn't see anything. He heard barking, which was getting louder. Raff stepped back onto the trail and began heading toward the source of the noise. Before he even had time to react, a dog had sprinted toward him and jumped up onto his chest, pummeling him with voracious licks.

"Ay ay! Down doggy, ugh you stink. Down, off the sweater, this is cashmere! Ughhh!" Raffy attempted to push the dog down but his efforts were futile. That's when he heard the voice of a young girl, crying out a single word:


Rafael assumed that was the dog's name, "Bandit huh? Well you certainly are a feisty one eh baludo? HEY LITTLE GIRL! I HAVE YOUR DOG OVER HERE!" he yelled out across the trail line.

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