Stranger Danger

Firewood was pretty easy to come by, there was a lot of small brush, but among the equipment, they picked up was a small hatchet, which Rio used to make short work of a few low hanging branches. He tasked Bobby with finding kindling to help get the fire started. Not that he was much of a camper - the opposite in fact. There was a reason, he mused, that we evolved to develop houses, and it was to avoid having to camp.

“River!” Devin called, cussing herself for not keeping a better eye on the kid, and cussing the kid for disappearing in the first place. “Come the fuck on, kid, how hard is it to NOT wander off?”

“At that age … impossible.” Saint snarked. “I’ll go get her … she couldn’t have wandered far.” The gangster wave. He hadn’t taken more than two steps though when River came back and with someone in tow!

Bandit trotted up to the familiar people his tail wagging.

“Hey guys! Look who I found in the woods! Well … I didn’t Bandit did. His name is Raffy.” She said pointing to the blonde man. “That’s Rio and Hannah, that’s Saint, Devin and my bestie Bobby.”

Raff waved at everyone, making sure his hands were visible to the entire group. The last thing he wanted to do is make anyone feel threatened. Should this go south, he could find himself crippled in a ditch real quick. Like he’d thought, this was a gamble…

“This is Raff! He’s going to West Point!” She added.

Hannah resisted the urge to pick the kid up and shake her. Then again at that age they didn’t have the same fear and mistrust an adult gained. She and Rio would have to make a point to talk to her … calmly … about bringing strangers to the group. “... And … you found him … in the woods?”

River nodded brightly. Bandit wagged his tail chuffing.

Rio eyed the new person. On one hand, there was more of them than there was of him, so he was likely less prone to try anything, but on the other, they hadn’t known Batboy or his sister - - or any of them in fact just a few days ago. He made a note to keep River closer in tow - he didn’t know how many more ‘strays” they could pick up. And this one for damn sure wasn’t going to sit on his lap for a long ass car ride.

“Rodrigo.” He said with a slight nod of his head, extending his hand.

“Devin,” the tattooed mechanic added, taking River’s hand. “Come on, lets go see if we can find some rope or something in the truck, make a leash. Maybe one for Bandit, too,” she kidded, tossing a wink to the small girl.

“Heeeeeeeeyyyy.” River said as Devin lead her away.

“Hannah.” She said still working on starting a fire. A lighter would have made it infinitely easier but no one thought to bring one. Who thought of building fires to cook on the roadside! No many people that’s who.

“Saint. We have some snacks if you are hungry. Tomb Raider here is working making us some real food and were stuck here till we figure out how to get this jackknifed truck out the way.” Saint motioned.

“Heard that …” Hannah snorted.

“No less true …” Saint snarked.

“Make yourself at home.” Rio added. Just not too at home.

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