Raff approached the group cautiously, he wasn’t naive enough to think they would just trust him immediately. Of course, nor did he trust them. The world had changed dramatically in the last 72 hours, and suddenly everyone found themselves facing off against a common enemy. As long as they all understood that they served each other’s interests, it was no doubt they would get along famously. But the real fun begins once these people started to behave against the good of the collective, what happens then?

“Hello everyone, I don’t want to intrude, but your friend here told me we share a common destination. I thought it might be okay to join you if that’s the case.”

“Well like I said … it going to be moot point …” Saint said waving to the turned over truck sprawled across the road. “... until we can make enough room to pass by that beast. Otherwise, we’re going to be hoofing it on foot.”

“Let not give up hope yet … let’s get some real food and then figure it out.” Hannah added before getting distracting as she working on breathing some life to the little fire she was trying to start.

“We haven’t turned no one down yet.” Rio admitted. “So long as you don’t bring any trouble, you’re welcome to travel with us if you can pull your own weight. But like my nephew said - it may be on foot if we can’t get that truck out the way.”

“Ah, that makes sense,” Raffy responded, “though I doubt I could ever cause more trouble for you than what we have all already endured. What is it they say in the old country? Que, será será” He chuckled and sat down next to...err.. Hannah her name was it? Yes that was it. Hannah, Saint, Rio, River, Bobby and Devin… oh, and of course, Bandit.

Devin and River found a rope in the back of the pickup truck with all the gear to make a leash of sorts for Bandit, still giving the dog plenty of leeway to do -- whatever it was dog’s did without the risk of him wandering off and needing to be found.

“See Bandit, I kept telling ya not to wander off like that and now look. We have to leash ya.” River said with a shake of her head.

Bandit sniffed around circling a couple of time before laying down.

“Tsk … in one doggy ear out the other.” River said to Devin.

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