Stem the Tide

"Breaker, Breaker, 10-17, This is Greenthumb anyone got their ears on?"

Devin and Raf can see the figure in the overturned truck lurching in the cab trying to grab for something.


The darkness was a cacophony of moans as the shapes inside writhed pouring out in there overzealousness A few fell at Devins and Raff feet. Their bodies were grey and emaciated, bite marks and hunks of flesh missing from them. The bits intact hung loosely making them look like beef jerky.

Of course, they were the only ones as more in various states of rot stumble out the moaning almost deafening as it reverberated inside the walls of the truck. The dead-looking thing limped stumbling of it’s crawling compatriot as it reached for Devin and Raff it’s mouth opening inhumanly wide as it prepared to lunge in for a bite.

“Shit!” Devin swore, jumping back as the overwhelming stench of rot filled her nostrils.

Raff reared back and kicked the cannibal in the chest, sending to the ground. He reached down, but struggled to lift the trailer door back up to the latch, “Help me! Someone!”

“Fuck, Hannah! Saint!” Devin called, helping Raff lift the door. With … -- she refused to use the ‘z’ word - whatever they were flailing their arms, it was impossible, even with using her entire body weight as leverage to shut the door without severing limbs. Hissing, growling and gnashing of teeth echoed through the trailer.

Hannah and Saint dropped whatever they were doing and ran full bore to help Devin and Raff.

Bandit was losing his mind his hackled up as his snarled at the turned over truck direction. Rio’s plate was discarded on the ground, as he grabbed a crowbar from the pickup.

“Jesus! How many of them are in there? We cannot hold this for long!” Raff felt the burn in his forearms as he pushed against the door as hard as he could. “WHY?? WHY ARE THESE THINGS IN A TRAILER!” Raff exclaimed.

“Motherfuckers.” Devin said through clenched teeth, starting to lose footing. “RIO!”

Hannah and Saint came to her side putting their shoulder into it. There where clearly more of them inside vs the paltry four holding them back.

Inside the bodies pressing hungrily against the door putting more and more weight. One child-sized undead clambered over the forming pile of bodies and pushed and clawed at the top half of the swing door, it was hard to determine the gender as the upper half of it bod wedged itself out. It waved it arms at the quartet holding back the door.

It nearly clawed Saint in the face, its other hand brushing just past Devins’s hair. It’s milky eyes wide as it gnashed it seemingly extra long teeth and it swung again making a grab for Raff stretching for all it was worth. It missed Raff but instead got his hand caught in Devin’s hair.

The little monster roared excitedly snapping its mouth hungrily as it tugged her hair.

Raff shoved hard against the door, pinning the devil child’s arms against the seal, weakening his grip on Devin’s hair. “Devin we need to get something up against this door! If we can get the latches to connect we can lock it…. THE TRUCK! Somebody drive that truck up against the door so we can lock this thing!” Raff knew his body was giving out, it was a matter of minutes before the weight would overwhelm him.

Rio made it to the truck and scaled the side, throwing the crowbar up first then hoisting himself to the top, thrusting the sharp end of the crowbar downward into the arm of one of the … fuck it … zombies. A thick, black tar-like substance oozed from the wound.

There was a sicking sound of bone and sinew breaking as the arm detached. Gooy ichor falling onto Devin’s head, soaking her hair and splashing Raff and Saint. The detached arm’s fingers were tangled in her hair still as it fell, thumped her on the head and hung from her hair like a macabre ornament.

From his vantage point atop the truck, Rio saw someone in a pick up reaching for something in the cap of his truck. “Don’t want none, won’t be none,” he said under his breath, clutching the crowbar tighter.

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