Gunked Part 1

JP - Winters & Blitzen

It was all the could do but to hold the door in place at the putrified, slightly beef jerky bodies strained and pushed against them.

“SOMEONE GET THE LATCH!!” Saint screamed feeling them starting to lose ground. The things on the other side were tireless… they were not! This was a losing battle if they just stayed here.

Hanna grunted trying to reach it it but stopped when she felt the door slip and she had really put her shoulder in it to help get it back up in place again. “I can’t REACH!” She said through gritted teeth.

“Stay!” River commanded Bandit before running to the door. “IgotiIgotit!” The kid said running to the latch… only to find she was to short to fully lift it. “I DON’T GOT IT!!” River cried out trying to figure out what could giver her more height!

Devin stood in shock, glancing at the hand tangled in her blond hair, not sure if she was quite ready to throw up or nott, but she held fast to the door while the dead inside tried desperately to claw their way out. Ugh, claw, like the hand stuck in her hair.

“I got it!” Rio yelled, dropping to his belly to reach the latch. A few grunts and groans later, the elder Ortiz had the lock firmly secured.

“Can we let go?” Devin asked warily, making eye contact with Saint.

Sait waited a moment and slowly eased off. The door groaned a bit but held. Though the things on the other side were making a HELL of a racket. “Yes?” He said warily. “Everyone ok- ooooo Dev ….” He grimaced seeing what state she was in.

River scrunched her nose and was smart enough to not say anything but the smell was awful! Like New York during the summer with a week’s worth of garbage that got sprayed by a skunk bad!

“Oh damn … let’s get that arm out first.” Hanna volunteered and carefully work on detangling Devin’s hair form the arm. Not a thought she would have ever thought… EVER.

“I’ll get a towel … and water …” Saint said rushing off, though it was going to talk a lot more than a bottle to scrape that shit off.

“You think there might be like … some kind of body of water nearby? Maybe an abandoned house she can shower in?” River suggested. All she could think was if she was in Devin’s shoes showing with boiling water and scrubbing half her skin off on the off chance she might feel clean after!

Devin’s entire body rigidly avoided further being touched by the severed hand.

“Don’t move!” Rio demanded, hopping down from the semi. For Devin at the moment - that definitely wasn’t a problem. Covering his mouth with the neck of his shirt, Rio took the knife from his pocket. “Easy Chica, you don’t want to get this on you, so just stay still. I need a towel, a shirt, something, fast!” he ordered.

Devin shot a worried glance to him before swinging her eyes pleadingly towards Hannah. Any words she might have had stuck in her throat.

“Just relax.” Rio soothed. “You be okay.”

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