Gunked Part 2

Poor Devin looked shellshocked. “Hey, you want us to cut it out?” Hannah asked in a calm voice. “You’ll get a short punk look out of the deal but it’ll be out quick? If not I’ll sit here and detangle that fucking shit out for you, you gimi the word, nod … blink twice?”

“Coming.” Saint called padding back with a torn shirt for Rio to use, a towel and water for Devin to clean her face off and moral support! “Don’t worry Dev, we got you.” He further assured her.

River had retreated back to the car. Not that she didn’t want to be there and help… but the smell was awful nauseatingly so! She doubted upchucking would help anyone!

Devin swallowed hard and nodded first to Hannah, then to Rio, tilting her head sideways so he could cut that black gunk out of her hair. It was hair, not like it wouldn’t grow back, and... like Hannah said, half-shaved was punk, it’ll match the tattoos.

Rio used the rag to hold Devin’s hair away from her scalp, cutting as little as he could until every bit of it was out. He’d let Hannah worry about the aesthetics, his main goal was to make sure no one breathed that shit in. The tech’s he’d seen back in the lab wore full rebreathers, Class A Hazmat suits. He wasn’t sure what a cotton-poly blend shirt would protect him from, but it was better than nothing.

“It’s not… so bad.” He said when finished, using the rag to cover up the gooped up hair and severed limb, ushering everyone away from the area.

“We’ll make it better … “Hannah assure Devin taking charge of the scissors. “ … lets finished up away from the wailing wall.” She advice grimacing at the continued banging and moaning.

Saint was wetting the corner of the towel as Hannah guided Devin to a safe stop to clean Devin up. Both the girl's hair AND of any remaining black goop.

“Halfway there.” Hannah nodded taking the moistened town to wipe any splatter from Devin’s face and wipe and remaining goop clinging to her hair. “You’ll be right as rain in a flash.”

Devin remained silent, waiting for the two to finish, still visibly shaken, but nodded regardless. She didn’t think the stench would ever leave her nostrils.

Rio went back to the truck and washed the hell out of his hands with antibacterial soap Hannah found at the MAGA house. He took his shirt off and tossed it for good measure, replacing it with a plain white tee again taken from the farmhouse. No reason to take unnecessary chances. “You okay little chica?” He asked, poking his head into the pickup.

River nodded trying not to look too green around the gills.

“Is Devin okay? She has …”River made a motioned. “...In her …” The girl made another motion. “... and had …” The girl made a splash motion. “ … and uughhh the smell!”

“She’ll be fine, chiquita. Come on -- let’s get you some fresh air, okay?”

River nodded sliding out of the truck.

Hannah wasted no time after cleaning Devin’s face and hair as best as she could. The snip of hair being cut was the only real sound as Hannah work to punkify the girl hacked locks. One might actually question how did midwestern smarty pants farm girl like Hannah know how to cut hair in a style other than midwestern!

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