Gunked Part 3

Looking good. You need anything? Water? Food? A vat of purell …” Saint offered.

Devin smirked for the first time, wishing they had a vat of purell, she’d dive in headfirst and soak for hours. Instead, she shook her head no, using her hand to feel how short her now chopped locks were.

“I’m good.” She said finally, I’m good. Just need a minute…” Now that everything was calmed down, she used that minute to lose the good food Hannah cooked in some nearby bushes, upchucking everything. At least... she thought, trying to keep some semblance of humor, no one has to hold my hair back.

Saint winced as Devin hurled up her recent meal.

Hannah motion to Saint. Saint blinked confused. Hannah made a more forceful motion. Saint looked even more confused and shugged his shoulder. Hannah slapped him on the shoulder pointed to Devin and shoved him in her direction. Realization dawned on Saint face as he brought Devin water to clean her mouth out and a clean rag to wipe her face.

Hannah rolled her eyes and shook her head. They couldn’t stay here not with… ugh Bobby was not going to let any of them live this down … ZOMBIES … threatening to escape their tenuous confines. They had to break camp and figure out how to move on NOW.

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