Over the Hill

Nothing but static was returned over the CB radio, Frank chuckled to himself it had been a long shot anyways.

Guess there was nothing for it he was going to have to go see what the source of the light was. Besides it might be someone in trouble.

Frank put his truck back into gear and slowly climbs the hill once he's crested the hill the scene before him is revealed. There's an overturned truck and trailer blocking the road and there are several people moving about.

He was prepared to throw his truck into reverse and get the hell out of there when he noticed the make shift camp and fire the people where tending. He watched for a moment and didn't see any of the random spastic movements of the sick people he'd seen while leaving the city.

He didn't want to scare the people below so he turned on his headlights and rolled down his window, before letting his truck roll forward to see if they were ok.

Leaning his head out the window he waves and calls out, "Hey, everyone ok over there?"

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