Chaos Dormant

Rustling in the darkness could be heard as bodies trampled through the trees. They didn't know what direction they had went, only that the people with good vehicles and supplies were gone and they held nothing more than a duffel and fear ignited by the sudden abandonment, sudden ambush. Oh yeah, and they were left to die.

"Where are we?" Vida spoke in a breathy hush as she gazed around the dark in a panicked manner. Sophie staggered to a stop and caught her breath.

"If we...went the way I think...then we need to...follow the highway up. Once things settle we can try finding a running car or something."

"A-Are you suggesting we wait this out? Will those shits even be gone?" Vida needed her sister's presence and used her rugged breathing and voice as a guide, but it was difficult to hear over the rising heartbeat. Vida wasn't alone in this feeling, either. She knew the dark was no place for her sister.
A scream sounded like a siren in the distance and their heads snapped around, volume dropping hastily.

"That's all I got! We can't just run toward nothing, V. I can't see shit, and I-I need to." Sophie fiddled her phone from her pocket and tapped the flashlight on. The trees were illuminated and, thankfully, nothing else. "We need to do something."

Vida sighed, the anger from their situation boiling up. They'd been goddamn abandoned! The bastards lost the medic and the muscle they'd obviously needed. If she had been there with them and wrapped her hands around their stupid little--

No matter how infuriating, it wasn't important right now.
"Run a bit further and then we can stop," she clasped the paramedic's clammy hand before they took off once more keeping the light in front of them and the monsters at bay.

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