Close shave and a haircut

JP! Winters, Blitzen, King Char

Raff wiped the goo off of his arm while Rio and Bobby spoke with yet another new-comer. Perhaps he’d be able to help them, but any additions to the group only served to complicate his escape plan. He still wasn’t sure whether or not Devin remembered his other skills, and for now he elected not to ask. So far he had no reason to distrust these people, after all they fed him and offered him a place within their group. They’re all in the same fight right? Still though, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he shouldn’t be totally honest with everyone. He couldn’t articulate exactly why, but he knew it wouldn’t be good for him. “You okay?” He asked Devin who appeared to be cleansing herself of the disgusting substance as well.

“Little grossed out, but good.” The mechanic replied. “Feel bad wasting all Hannah’s good food like that. The fuck are those things doing in the back of a semi, anyone have a clue?”

“I don’t… but whatever the explanation, its likely more disturbing than whatever any of us could imagine. Frankly I’d rather not think about that too much. Another new guy eh? Guess you guys are popular. Its almost like we’re all starring in the first season of an apocalypse show and they keep introducing new characters.” Rafael responded with humor, thinking it best to lighten the mood.

“Do NOT say that in front of Bobby.” Devin warned. “Bad enough the kid is stuck on ‘zombies’ - he doesn’t need ‘apocalypse’ on top of that. And there’s safety in numbers. Used to be more of us. Ball player and his blind sister, pregnant lady and her brother, two sisters -- we split up. Some of us went to find supplies, they stayed on the bus. Time we got back? Those things were all over. So the way I see it, we’re still down four from jump.”

There were more in the group? Damn. What was he supposed to do if these people found their way back? Ugh the plot thickens. “Uh, I wouldn’t worry too much about what I say to Bobby. I wasn’t a fan of little kids before this… and despite all else that has not changed. I wonder if Rio is gonna ask him for a ride…”

“River’s a cool little kid. And Bobby will grow on you, if you stick around. We [i]have[i] a ride, a decent one - but a second truck is a great idea, we were kind of crammed into that crew cab like sardines. Problem is getting them passed that tractor-trailer. I’m all for backtracking and seeing if we can find another way around… but it ain’t up to me, it seems.”

“And why is that? Not up to you I mean? Did you guys call an election to decide that Hannah and Rio have unilateral decision making authority. I’m not gonna pretend I have all the answers but… I’m not exactly comfortable just doing whatever someone else wants either. I get the need to stick together, but honestly if you guys wanna operate as a unit you should make decisions as a unit. From what I’ve seen, not every voice in the group is heard.” Raff realized pretty quickly that expressing dissent with the group leaders less than an hour after his arrival probably wasn’t a good idea, but Devin didn’t come off as a someone quick to snitch.

“Yea? Well, no one else is shouldering that responsibility. Rio and Hannah took up those reigns and no one’s complained yet.” Saint said tartly to the new guy. “I am sure we would have had a ballot but we had flesh-eating monsters attacking us so pardon the group for not holding a full election.”

Raff winced as he’d forgotten Saint was within ear shot. Of course la familia comes to the defense. That was worrisome, why so defensive? Never in all of history has a leader not faced discontent among their constituents, just politics. But this wasn’t anything so severe, Raff was just pointing out that there didn’t seem to be any consideration for anyone else’s opinions in the group. Devin just assumed she had no say, what’s up with that huh? She seemed just as capable as anyone else. “Relájate, solo hiciendo una observación.” Raff attempted to defuse the situation. As much as Devin didn’t seem like a snitch, Saint didn’t seem like someone who responded well to disagreement.

Saint brushed the comment. The guy was new and most likely hadn’t been through the hell they all went through together. After all, Rio and Hannah EARNED everyone’s trust to make the leadership style choices.

“Got us this far.” Devin agreed. “Came up from just outside the Bronx. but one jackknifed trailer later? At least we’re in one piece. Except my hair, remind me to ask Hannah where she learned to do what she did.”

Raff decided to leave the topic alone, clearly a sensitive subject for some. He finished wiping down his body, then cast the cloth aside as it wouldn’t be good for any future use. He sat down by his sack and sighed. “You guys wanna go see what they’re up to?”

“We probably ought to,” Devin replied. “In case Rodrigo needs back up. “

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